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This is the page where you can make changes that affect how your calendar works and how it is viewed by other people. Most of the choices are obvious, but some are quite important - for example those regarding privacy.

Name - the name of your calendar. This can be the same as your user name, or can be something entirely different. This name will be shown centered above your calendar. If you do not want a name to appear at all, simply leave this space blank.

Message - A message for your visitors. This was intended as a welcome message, but you may have different ideas. You can use simple HTML here, if you want. This message will show up below your calendar for all visitors. Remember that you can also "Gift Wrap" your calendar if you'd like to to add individualized messages at the top.

No Peeking - This setting determines whether or not your visitors are allowed to 'peek' (look ahead) at a future date when using your calendar.
Note: When you are logged in you will always be able to see all dates in the calendar, regardless of your "No Peeking" setting. This is to allow the calendar creators to check out their entire calendars.

Enable advent window for Christmas day. - Traditionally, Advent calendars only have 24 windows - for the 24 days before Christmas. If you check this box, your Advent calendar will also have a window for Christmas Day.

Appropriate for all ages. - PhotoAdvent assumes that most Advent calendars are appropriate for all ages. If the content of your calendar page is not appropriate for all ages you must uncheck this box. This applies to both both pictures and text. Calendar pages which are not appropriate for all ages will not show up when someone clicks on "Random Calendar".

Make calendar private. - There is a detailed discussion of public calendars vs. private calendars on this page. In a nutshell, private calendars generally cannot be found by someone unless you give them your "unguessable" link. Public calendars can be found if someone knows your user name; public calendars may show up when someone clicks on the "Random Calendar" link; and public calendars may turn up if PhotoAdvent later implements a "Search Calendars" feature. Public calendars can also be "gift wrapped".

Add social networking links to your calendar (FaceBook, etc.). - This feature allows you to place social networking links on your calendar page. Note that even if this is checked, social networking links will not appear if you have chosen to make your calendar private.