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Public vs. Private Calendars

By default, your PhotoAdvent calendar is public. This makes it easier to share with friends. The address of your calendar is something like:

If your calendar is public, it may show up when people click the "Random Calendar" link. It could also turn up in the results of a search engine, such as Google - especially if people link to your calendar from another website, such as a blog or a FaceBook page. Other users can also "Gift Wrap" public calendars, allowing them to add their own messages and share them.

If you choose to make your PhotoAdvent calendar private, the address that uses your username will only work for you - and only when you are logged in. The address you'll share with others will be an unguessable address without any identifying information in it. This address will look something like

The only way people will find your website is if you send them a link to it. Your calendar will not show up when someone clicks the "Random Calendar" link, and it should not turn up in any search engines unless someone posts your private address publicly. In order to keep private calendars private, links to social networking sites will not show up on private pages, even if they are turned on in your settings.