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Background Manager Help

Uploading and Managing Backgrounds

The process of uploading backgrounds is exactly like uploading pictures, so if you haven't read about that yet, you might want to. (Uploading Pictures)

Backgrounds differ from pictures in some important ways.

  • To choose a background, click the heart icon in the toolbar of the background you want. The currently chosen background has a lighter colored box around the heart.
  • Backgrounds are expected to be 800x600. This is a 4:3 ratio. If your picture has a different ratio, the calendar may not overlay the picture quite right. The 6 megabyte upload limit applies to backgrounds, too.
  • You may upload 3 backgrounds as a convenience, but only one background is shown on your calendar.
  • PhotoAdvent offers several different backgrounds. When you first register, your calendar will default to PhotoAdvent's first background. PhotoAdvent's backgrounds cannot be edited or deleted.
  • Your backgrounds have labels like "BG-1". PhotoAdvent's labels follow the pattern: "PA-1"
  • Backgrounds do not need to be put in order, so clicking the number label has no effect. You only need to choose your preferred background.