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Picture Manager Help

Uploading and Managing Pictures

Uploading pictures is simple. When you first sign up, PhotoAdvent will take you to your "Picture Manager" page. (You can also get there by clicking "Manage Pictures" in the right hand sidebar.)

On this page, you'll find 26 'frames' for your pictures. Initially they are all empty and are marked "Upload Picture 1", "Upload Picture 2", etc. These numbers refer to dates. To upload, you simply click one of these links, browse to a picture you want to include for that date and add it. If you'd like, type in a title and a credit for the picture, then click the button marked "Upload Picture." Your picture will be uploaded and a thumbnail will appear inside the frame with a small toolbar below it.

Once your picture is uploaded, you have several options. You can:

  • Click on the picture to view it at a larger size.
  • Click on the red 'X' to delete the picture, if you change your mind and decide you don't want to use it.
  • Click on the small square image with the picture of the pencil which is next to the red 'X'. This button allows you to add or edit title and credit information for this picture.
  • Click on the number in the tool bar. This will allow you to move or swap the picture to another date.

Most Advent calendars have 24 dates. If you wish, in PhotoAvent, you can also have a picture on Christmas day - just check "Enable advent window for Christmas day" on your Settings page. There is also a frame for a 26th picture on the Picture Manager page, but it is intended as a convenience to users who are trying to choose between different pictures. It will never show up in your calendar.

Last on the page is a frame displaying your current background. A label such as "BG-1" means it is one of your backgrounds, while a label like "PA-4" indicates that it is a background provided by PhotoAdvent. You cannot edit the background while you are on this page, but the small icon in the background frame's toolbar is a link which will take you to the "Manage Backgrounds" page.

Limitations: You cannot upload any files that are larger than 2 megabytes. Attempts to upload pictures larger than this will fail, sometimes without any notification. The largest dimensions supported by PhotoAdvent for pictures is 640 x 480. If your image's dimensions are larger than this, your image will be resized to conform with these limits.